Sunday, October 19, 2008

we have the power...

According to history , the fall of civilisation was preceded by the breakdown of civility. A year ago I was griping about the breakdown of ethics in local schools, among the young people. Now it seems , this affliction doesn't favour any age group. people are in the habit of taking. Giving? What's that? Civility is what separates humans from animals. You know the common act of regarding fellow human being as , well, just that. Instead, someone hits the close button as you approach the lift with armfuls of stuff, or steals your parking spot as you move for the previous occupant to leave. In schools, the children study 'moral' , 'civics' and 'KH- kemahiran hidup' which translates as 'living skills'. And yet...

When did we become afraid to eat at the stalls in case someone grabs your bag or in Philip's case, lifts your handphone from the table even as we're eating? Does anyone care that every act of selfishness causes huge repercussions, not excludiing the demise of the very earth we live in? That people are turning inwards? And let's not even talk about the real problems in the world. And yet...
There is hope. In the market this morning I looked around, at first detachedly, at all the people . Then again, and this time relised that we are all connected. That we can't change anyone except ourselves. And that we have the power to pass an attitude of civility on to our children. Awesome . Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

sunday scrapping

After spending most of Sunday working on & completing class samples I got some time in to do a few pages for my 'live happy' project. I also started 'revamping' Sarah's baby album. Quite laughable what I came up with then. I can't believe I used mustard cardstock on one of the layouts. Note: a big project like a baby album should be undertaken after trying your hand at a few less daunting endeavors. Pics soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


For the first time in 3 weeks, I'm not at my desk, working, as has been my nightly routine. My folders and stuff weren't sent home to me from the accounts people, so, it appears, I have myself an unexpected reprieve. Should I read? Sleep early?
I've been thinking a lot about the direction the store is taking. Running the store has been a 'point & shoot' experience, like those handy digital cameras...this , that, a little bit of everything. There are so many aspects of this scrapbooking thing. Somehow I feel everything has gotten a little out of control. It's become a 'who dies with the most toys' scenario. And , alas, I have contributed to this greed. I'll admit I love my crop a dile , and Esther, how did I ever scrap without that super paper trimmer but there is a limit to this madness.
Ok, so there's art and creativity. Then there's the element of play. (& here's where the glimmer mists come in!) There's the story; words & pictures. And then there is product. And this is what I'm getting at. It's not just about the product!
Our 'first ever' client came in today. We found her at the bookstore,almost 3 years ago, looking at craft magazines and told her about our little store. It really was little then, all the product we had could fit into the boot of a GTI. Yet she found loads of things she liked. Today she came in for some cardstock and I noticed she chose red, black & white. Just as she did all that time ago. There is another client, who in the past few weeks has bought the same patterned paper at least 5 times.
Scrapbook stores are running out of ideas to market the ever growing, (no kidding), product range! Undercutting has become the norm. Hey , hold the bus! What is it we're doing again? Scrapbooking? Sounds like guerrilla warfare! Everyone has a design team, hmm should we?? Sales, discounts ...What the consumer/ scrapbooker doesn't know is that it takes each purchaser/ scrapbook store owner a good 7 days of work to put that new product in her hand. My husband says, for the time & effort I put into the store , I could be running a very large corporation. For some store owners, the wave has taken their exhausted bodies so far into the ocean that there's no turning back. Don't even ask how often they/ we scrapbook...
But wait, I love to work... but at what? Which brings me back to thinking, about that direction. The goal being to encourage people to preserve their memories, to guide them , help them to tap their creativity. Which will make the whole experience worthwhile. To show them how to find their sense of play, find their style, their groove. Product is necessary, but not the reason why we scrap. Which should be 'people'. Maybe creating a minibook that ROCKS for someone you love. But that's about people too. Or putting together a family album that everyone will cherish for years to come. Wait a minute, that's about people too. Well, you get the picture...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

live happy

It's way past my new bedtime! Now that I'm manning the store, time is even more a priceless element and I have to be careful not to get carried away with things not on my priority list. I just want to sleep right now ! But I haven't 'packed my bag'. =) With all the good intentions to tackle a pile of backlog , I couldn't resist the 2 day break , and, well, got kinda carried away... starting Sunday morning with sweet little Andrew visiting and right up until now, hanging out, spring cleaning (ha ha) , playing in and re arranging my studio (I finally got the tv out of there!) Sarah had lots of questions about life and about God. Like how long He takes to answer prayers. (smile) We had a very interesting conversation... I even took a trek to my very favourite spa, it was the best ever and I was so wound down. Bet my heart rate was way below 60.

I started this little book 2 weeks ago when I was stressing out about my new meds. Sometimes when I get a little frazzled, Ming will say this to me, "Live happy, Mummy". It's a little book to remind me of all the good stuff that abounds even in the hard things. I'm loving the way it's turning out.
So I didn't get very far with the backlog and I really have to pack my stuff, so I'll leave it for another day to downlod pictures of my scrapping space with my new table from ikea and my newly established cutting table. =)
Hope you had great weekend.