Monday, May 31, 2010

another monday

I made cards again. I took out all my stuff to work on my 'week in the life' project, but I put them aside. Usually it's too late to start. Midnite is about when I'm free to create. If I start then, I'll be up until at least 2 or 3. Not a good idea. Especially with all the stuff to do. And, the photos that I had printed at a new shop were really bad. The colour was off. Everyone's face was orange. Sigh.

So it's Monday! We closed the shop on Saturday for 6 weeks. Summer break, catching up on back end work, preparing for a big change, some travel and hopefully some downtime. Not today though, end of the month errands and stuff. Life things, you know. You could scrap and make cards all day! But life is pretty exciting outside too.

I'm off to pick Sarah and maybe have a nice lunch with her . Last day of exams! =)
The card is for a friend, special request.

Friday, May 21, 2010

walking on water

If my life were a book , the last chapter would have been called, "Searching for the answer" and the next chapter would have to be called "Walking on water". Searching for an answer requires a huge amount of energy. I realized that today. Having made the big decision about my work two days ago, my body promptly decided to take a break. I lay down to take a nap after 'shop' today and didn't wake up for 3 hours! I'm sure I can't remember when I did that last, especially when I wasn't sick.

A 3 hour nap gets you popped up for at least 3 hours of serious scrapping. I worked on a Father's day project for next month. It's hard for me, creating for class. I take at least 3 hours to do a layout and I have to simplify everything for class so that the project can be completed within the time frame. I have to be careful not to oversimplify and not to lose the meaning & the story.I worked mostly with punches for this project and while it's not nearly done, I'm happy with the way it's going. I hope to have it completed by next week so I can get it up on the smidapaper blog.
Missing my own Papa and grateful for the Papa who is the subject of this little book!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


trying out a new photo size

Monday, May 10, 2010

on being mama

I'm not too big on celebrations so on Mother's day I declined all the offers to go to my favourite places. I stayed in mostly, apart from the celebratory pilgrimage to the spa. What I really wanted to do was celebrate the folks who make me "mama". I almost could not complete my tribute because my photos were misplaced but Philip saved the day when he found the box in which the precious photos sat.The journaling was long and mushy so I'll spare you... I loved working with these colours and papers. Will probably incorporate them into an upcoming class . And it's been awhile since I've played with chipboard. After a spell of just making cards (and searching for my photos) this layout felt like 'coming home'.