Monday, May 31, 2010

another monday

I made cards again. I took out all my stuff to work on my 'week in the life' project, but I put them aside. Usually it's too late to start. Midnite is about when I'm free to create. If I start then, I'll be up until at least 2 or 3. Not a good idea. Especially with all the stuff to do. And, the photos that I had printed at a new shop were really bad. The colour was off. Everyone's face was orange. Sigh.

So it's Monday! We closed the shop on Saturday for 6 weeks. Summer break, catching up on back end work, preparing for a big change, some travel and hopefully some downtime. Not today though, end of the month errands and stuff. Life things, you know. You could scrap and make cards all day! But life is pretty exciting outside too.

I'm off to pick Sarah and maybe have a nice lunch with her . Last day of exams! =)
The card is for a friend, special request.


Cindy Lee said...

Having fun with your PTI, eh?

Sheila said...

Heh! =) This one's for you my friend!