Thursday, January 17, 2008

music room = home office

In December I started on a project to turn the tiny music room downstairs into an office. These things take time and a lot of thought. The trial period went well and all points to make this area a work worthy space were duly noted and pondered. (After many trips to the third floor studio/office to get stuff that I needed while working!)

So this Sunday I employed the muscles of the men in the house and they effortlessly moved the sofa bed out of the music room and with that it has been officially declared my home office. Now the living room looks a bit crowded , (erm, I mean cozy)although the alternative, giving the sofa bed away was met with much disapproval! More lazing around zones, though and after a trip to five nurseries to find some happy looking plants to fit into my new Ikea pots (I found one), the place has just the right amount of life injected.

Now , what can I do to get these guys to bring my 'real' desk down??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What makes you special?

First day back at school and Sarah had a whole lot of stories to share. Her new English teacher asked each student ,"Tell me your name, what you got for English last year and what is special about you". I don't remember ever being asked that on the first day of school. How interesting! Sarah said she was special because she likes dogs. Has anyone ever asked you this question?What would you have said? The first thing that comes to your mind?

Each of us is uniquely made. Ultimately special. And yet, it isn't the big things that makes us so. I thought about it and the first thing that came to my mind was the time I turned 40 and I started writing in my planner in ink. Before this, I used a pencil. Easier to make changes. Neater. Non committal. It seemed that with this tiny move I became bolder. Something worth remembering.

Why are YOU special? Go ahead, ask the question. Ask it around the house. On your next date. At the office. A whole lot of reasons worth scrapping are just waiting...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


If I was asked what my theme was for the year, it would be FOCUS. (If, of course, anyone even has a theme )
After setting out my calendars and transferring my stuff from my old planner, I hardly had time to work on creating anything before Jan 1st was over. So, to set this year's creative journey in motion , I worked on a tiny Artist Trading Card for my ATC holder. It's the first one, it's tiny and it was fun. I hope to fill it up this year with all sorts of inspiration, memories, quotes and pictures. Anything goes with this project. I will be able to see how I change and grow, what products and trends I love. I'm loving it already . =)

something about january

There's just something about January that I love! A time for change,beginning. The newness of the day, filled with hope. Fresh.
Maybe after the festivities, the weight of the old year weighs upon your slightly weary self. January breezes in, with all it's promise. New planners, new calendars, waiting to be filled, to tell the story of your life in the next chapter. Everything seems possible today as you stare at the blank page, excitement bubbling, almost bursting.

Magazines promise a new you, and yet who can give this gift to yourself, but you.

I asked today, "What is a resolution/", and was told that it was something that you wanted for yourself that requires a change. It could be something simple or huge. You choose it, and you work it, it belongs to you and I wish you the best time trying to make it happen. Here's to 2008!