Sunday, April 20, 2008

monday is the new sunday

I never imagined that in my life I would become so busy that my life would look like this. Wake up, work, sleep!
I am still grateful that Sarah can be with me at work and that she doesn't seem to mind. Yesterday I sent her home early, with Daddy and the part time maid. She was still in front of the TV watching some movie about huskies in the Antartica when I got home. At 15 she still loves animals and animal shows, I suspect she has more compassion for them than for people. =)

Both my offices are piled with boxes, shipments filled with stuff for the stores. I am grateful that the business is growing but am praying for some help in managing the growth. Being in the new shop all day is a unique experience for me. with no internet and no 'desk' ,life is simple. I can focus on talking to people, keeping track of what people buy so that I know what to order, thinking , dreaming, planning. When the shop closes though, the real work begins, until my conscious and practical mind tells me that it is time to sleep... I am grateful that Philip understands.

We close on Mondays. Monday is the new sabbath. I-Mei was thinking of going back in to the office to catch up. So was I, until she said that and I realized that we need the respite all the more . I told her 'On the seventh day He rested'. And that His grace will be sufficient.

I am grateful that there is in us an inbuilt compass, a radar of sorts that shows us where we are, corrects us or prompts us. Shows us where true north is or in my case, true center.

We are going to the fishing village for brunch tihs morning, before the store opens. The lot of us. Simple pleasure. Huge payoff. Tomorrow, we will rest!

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm always looking for ways to decorate flowers! I keep going back to pewter or silver brads but lately I've taken to bling.
In this layout, I found these Prima 'say it with crystals' added just the right touch of glam and since I was glamming it up decided to put some crystals & pearls on the chipboard shapes.

Friday, April 11, 2008

scrap day

I stayed at our 'island store' all day today and for the first time I scrapbooked there. Usually I lug my work along but today, I collected my ideas and a huge wheeled tote of stuff, all ready for a day of scrapping. I thought I might get some headway on next month's projects and some samples for the shop. Very ambitious!

Well, by 3.30 I had done one LO! And I'd forgotten to eat lunch =)
Did some touch ups to a mini book for class next month, but, Alas! that was the sum of my scrapbooking for the day !

I might try and see if I can schedule in another scrap day next week. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

light & life

Sometimes, without realizing , we go back to the place that gives us comfort. I remember this from one of Mike Koh's messages, "go back to the place where He is pouring out His grace". I believe that everything you do has an effect, a lot more far reaching than you can ever see. Like a river, where it meanders and swells, what life it brings way down, miles away from the source, to animals and villages, to desolate lands. Who knows?
Who knew that a blog you go back to weekly could bring comfort? Wisdom? Light & life?
It was a quiet day at the store, crazily busy at the office. Back home, with my work bag overflowing & knowing it was not going to be an early night, I opened my mac to see what was new at MWL. These thoughts went through my head:
"I wish we could have all this stuff in our store"
"One step at a time"
And other random, end of a hard day kind of thoughts.
Then, "These guys work really hard & make huge sacrifices, persevering,staying focused..."
Of all the beautiful photos of the endless new products, this one touched me, okay, grabbed me, spoke to me, even! =)
It said this, (in local speak, ha ha), ' You wanna do, do nicely!'
Of course the inspired had to tell the inspiree what her simple photo did to a weary soul. Rows & rows of cardstock, so neat and complete. And perfect. Who would know the million steps it took to get it just so!
The simple thing you do today, your work, hanging out with your kid, a phone call... who knows what, may have a profound and positive effect way, way down. Giving life!
Who knew?? Take comfort in that! =)

(photo with permission, Made With Love, SIngapore)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

balance & focus

How do you run a business (or 2 or 3) while keeping all the other areas of life in balance and focus?
Hasn't this been the ongoing theme song of working mothers since we decided to work outside the home?
My friend Brig tells me to not take everything so seriously, I try when I remember, but I guess I'm a serious kind of person.

The first solution, I suppose would be to delegate. How much would that cost? Where would you find someone who will carry out the required tasks in a committed fashion, as if it was the said person's responsibility. No corrections,no checking up to see if it was done. Someone who would make decisions, take responsibility. Someone dedicated.

And how much would that someone cost?

I was overwhelmed one day, when on a buying trip I stepped into Borders. I was surrounded by books, I picked up a few, promised myself not to buy, and left. I sat on a bench before my appointment and wrote in my journal. I wrote some thoughts and musings including, "Books don't make you smarter by sitting on your shelves!".And this, "Help wanted! Like minded individual to live my life, while I'm busy working. Must have experience organizing photos, music & e mails. Love kids, decorating, scrapbooking, reading, music, working out... "

A friend who just moved to KL calls up, "Hey, maybe we can open a store in KL?". Whoa, hold the bus! My artist friend, Ming, taught me a valuable lesson, THE TRICK IS TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP, this is one of my favourite quotes. Sometimes it evolves into 'the trick is to know when to PAUSE'. Like that day outside Borders, sit down, get things into perspective, write, breathe. Pause. Now PLAY! (note to self: stay focused)

Have a great Thursday!