Friday, April 04, 2008

light & life

Sometimes, without realizing , we go back to the place that gives us comfort. I remember this from one of Mike Koh's messages, "go back to the place where He is pouring out His grace". I believe that everything you do has an effect, a lot more far reaching than you can ever see. Like a river, where it meanders and swells, what life it brings way down, miles away from the source, to animals and villages, to desolate lands. Who knows?
Who knew that a blog you go back to weekly could bring comfort? Wisdom? Light & life?
It was a quiet day at the store, crazily busy at the office. Back home, with my work bag overflowing & knowing it was not going to be an early night, I opened my mac to see what was new at MWL. These thoughts went through my head:
"I wish we could have all this stuff in our store"
"One step at a time"
And other random, end of a hard day kind of thoughts.
Then, "These guys work really hard & make huge sacrifices, persevering,staying focused..."
Of all the beautiful photos of the endless new products, this one touched me, okay, grabbed me, spoke to me, even! =)
It said this, (in local speak, ha ha), ' You wanna do, do nicely!'
Of course the inspired had to tell the inspiree what her simple photo did to a weary soul. Rows & rows of cardstock, so neat and complete. And perfect. Who would know the million steps it took to get it just so!
The simple thing you do today, your work, hanging out with your kid, a phone call... who knows what, may have a profound and positive effect way, way down. Giving life!
Who knew?? Take comfort in that! =)

(photo with permission, Made With Love, SIngapore)

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Wati Basri said...

sheila,congrats on your new store!can't wait to visit it during my next Penang trip!!!