Sunday, April 20, 2008

monday is the new sunday

I never imagined that in my life I would become so busy that my life would look like this. Wake up, work, sleep!
I am still grateful that Sarah can be with me at work and that she doesn't seem to mind. Yesterday I sent her home early, with Daddy and the part time maid. She was still in front of the TV watching some movie about huskies in the Antartica when I got home. At 15 she still loves animals and animal shows, I suspect she has more compassion for them than for people. =)

Both my offices are piled with boxes, shipments filled with stuff for the stores. I am grateful that the business is growing but am praying for some help in managing the growth. Being in the new shop all day is a unique experience for me. with no internet and no 'desk' ,life is simple. I can focus on talking to people, keeping track of what people buy so that I know what to order, thinking , dreaming, planning. When the shop closes though, the real work begins, until my conscious and practical mind tells me that it is time to sleep... I am grateful that Philip understands.

We close on Mondays. Monday is the new sabbath. I-Mei was thinking of going back in to the office to catch up. So was I, until she said that and I realized that we need the respite all the more . I told her 'On the seventh day He rested'. And that His grace will be sufficient.

I am grateful that there is in us an inbuilt compass, a radar of sorts that shows us where we are, corrects us or prompts us. Shows us where true north is or in my case, true center.

We are going to the fishing village for brunch tihs morning, before the store opens. The lot of us. Simple pleasure. Huge payoff. Tomorrow, we will rest!

Have a great Sunday!

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