Thursday, April 03, 2008

balance & focus

How do you run a business (or 2 or 3) while keeping all the other areas of life in balance and focus?
Hasn't this been the ongoing theme song of working mothers since we decided to work outside the home?
My friend Brig tells me to not take everything so seriously, I try when I remember, but I guess I'm a serious kind of person.

The first solution, I suppose would be to delegate. How much would that cost? Where would you find someone who will carry out the required tasks in a committed fashion, as if it was the said person's responsibility. No corrections,no checking up to see if it was done. Someone who would make decisions, take responsibility. Someone dedicated.

And how much would that someone cost?

I was overwhelmed one day, when on a buying trip I stepped into Borders. I was surrounded by books, I picked up a few, promised myself not to buy, and left. I sat on a bench before my appointment and wrote in my journal. I wrote some thoughts and musings including, "Books don't make you smarter by sitting on your shelves!".And this, "Help wanted! Like minded individual to live my life, while I'm busy working. Must have experience organizing photos, music & e mails. Love kids, decorating, scrapbooking, reading, music, working out... "

A friend who just moved to KL calls up, "Hey, maybe we can open a store in KL?". Whoa, hold the bus! My artist friend, Ming, taught me a valuable lesson, THE TRICK IS TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP, this is one of my favourite quotes. Sometimes it evolves into 'the trick is to know when to PAUSE'. Like that day outside Borders, sit down, get things into perspective, write, breathe. Pause. Now PLAY! (note to self: stay focused)

Have a great Thursday!

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* Dream Weaver * said...

"Books don't make you smarter by sitting on your shelves!"

This is one of the best quotes I have heard to date. I am guilty of this... hoarding books and not having the time to read them. Will remind myself of your insightful quote everytime my hand itches to buy yet another book that 'i must have for my collection'.

I also wanted to say that i really like your blog and both of your stores (i have made it a point to visit both!). your honest musings and heartfelt entries are a delight to read as well.

An quote I love:
Life is what we are alive to. It is not length but breath… be alive... goodness, kindness, purity, love, history, poetry, music, flowers, stars, God and eternal hope. – Maltbie D. Babcock