Thursday, January 17, 2008

music room = home office

In December I started on a project to turn the tiny music room downstairs into an office. These things take time and a lot of thought. The trial period went well and all points to make this area a work worthy space were duly noted and pondered. (After many trips to the third floor studio/office to get stuff that I needed while working!)

So this Sunday I employed the muscles of the men in the house and they effortlessly moved the sofa bed out of the music room and with that it has been officially declared my home office. Now the living room looks a bit crowded , (erm, I mean cozy)although the alternative, giving the sofa bed away was met with much disapproval! More lazing around zones, though and after a trip to five nurseries to find some happy looking plants to fit into my new Ikea pots (I found one), the place has just the right amount of life injected.

Now , what can I do to get these guys to bring my 'real' desk down??

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