Tuesday, January 01, 2008

something about january

There's just something about January that I love! A time for change,beginning. The newness of the day, filled with hope. Fresh.
Maybe after the festivities, the weight of the old year weighs upon your slightly weary self. January breezes in, with all it's promise. New planners, new calendars, waiting to be filled, to tell the story of your life in the next chapter. Everything seems possible today as you stare at the blank page, excitement bubbling, almost bursting.

Magazines promise a new you, and yet who can give this gift to yourself, but you.

I asked today, "What is a resolution/", and was told that it was something that you wanted for yourself that requires a change. It could be something simple or huge. You choose it, and you work it, it belongs to you and I wish you the best time trying to make it happen. Here's to 2008!

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