Saturday, May 10, 2008

anniversary scrap

We've been married for a long time! This year, instead of crepe suzettes at Feringhi Grill or any of our usual ways to celebrate, Philip bought a kit from the Fontwerks Workshop last Sunday and decided we should scrap on our anniversary.Instead of "Best of you" we did "Best of Us". When I say 'we', I mean' I' did all the actual scrapping while he chose the photos , edited, printed and decided which went where and in what order. I wouldn't necessarily have chosen the same photos and I'm glad he didn't fuss when I changed some of the papers in the kit. I'm not usually mushy but I think that a marriage is like a dance and if you keep at it, over the years you know when to step back and when to move forward, and no one steps too much on the other's feet. And it doesn't matter what song is playing.

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