Thursday, April 22, 2010

settling in

I have been dying to scrap, to just make something. After 2 weeks, I have not been able to finish unpacking in my scrap space. Even my office is still a mess with files piled on the floor and shelves bulging with stuff, more files and yet more files. Yesterday I was feeling a little sorry for myself. Christina, Jo & me sat around moaning and groaning about our week, Jo about her kids and having to do everything, me about not having enough space & all of us collectively about people not turning out to be what you expected or believed . We tried to encourage each other and I came home and unpacked 6 boxes, looking at the stuff I had accumulated, like treasure, each with a story and slowly as the pile of boxes slowly disappeared, the stuff I love surrounding me, my mood improved and the frown gave way to a small smile. Then a grin.
There are still boxes under the table and not everything has found a home, but there's hope!

This evening as my desk began to peek through from under the stuff, I started to make a page. I haven't even printed the photo yet but I just needed to make something...

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