Monday, September 27, 2010

so much to celebrate

Recently I've been on the road alot. 2 weeks ago, I attended Priya's wedding in KL. We took the long route through Singapore, to visit my mum who isn't well. So in all the rushing to get prepared, I forgot to bring the card I made for her. Priya is the eldest daughter of a very dear friend, Kiran. She has inherited the wit & charm Kiran possesses and her caring spirit. It was a beautiful evening, I'll post photos soon. We arrived in KL, 25 minutes before the event & had to clean up quick. Still, I am glad we didn't skip the party. So many friends were there, so many of them have been so special to us that they're like family . Our family was all together, too. Quite rare these days.

With all the coming and going, I've been writing my thoughts and to do lists on bits & pieces of paper , and finally, I sat down and got it all in order. We just passed the '2 months to go before the new store opens' mark, so I'm having to unearth all my time management & organizing skills here. All my tasks now have a time unit attached and now I have to assign dates to them. It actually looks like I'll be able to get it all done. With help. =) I sat to talk to God the other morning, pouring out & telling him about the ridiculous amount of different things I had to accomplish to see the store open. I told Him I couldn't do it and asked if He would help. The thought that was in my heart was "Foolish child, why did you doubt". A gentle rebuke. Tinged with a warmth that filled me . So I'm believing that His hand is an inch beneath my soaring self. I could have chosen to be free from all this extra work, but I am free. Free to choose and I chose this. Now I wait to see His hand sweep across my life as this crazy dream becomes real.
Somehow I've found some time to create. Cards for special people, including Jessy. And some material for upcoming classes. When all this is over I might be able to write a book on time management. Ha ha! And I don't know where the energy is coming from but there seems to be an adequate supply, for which I am grateful .
I'm expecting to learn some lessons in the coming weeks.


Sharon Corn said...

Your cards are beautiful Sheila.

I am excited for your new store too & definitely God's glory will shine thru your store. You are truly blessed.


Sheila said...

Thanks, Sharon! & amen! =)

Cindy Lee said...

I'm happy to finally see your vision come to life! And I'm happy that I could be part of it! God is definitely looking after you :)