Wednesday, May 17, 2006


American Idol. A way someone thought of to make a ton of money.
Yet, amazing how one show has the power to bring the whole world together. In peace. And hope.

United, the whole world joins in to celebrate... a hope, a life transformed. We are filled. We are touched. We continue to live.

A scrapbook, much like a journal or a blog, comes from a place within , a thought , idea, feeling and a desire to share...
this is who I am. Another way of saying, shouting to the world,
I'm here...I'm alive.

To the next American Idol, and all future ones.
To all bloggers, journal writers, scrapbookers...and all who have dreams and hopes. Carry on! CARRY ON!

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dragon said...

Hello! Klappy. hope to find you happy.