Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Someday we'll all be free

I usually car pool. Today I drove to work. I was listening to a song by Sting,"Rise & fall".

Something about getting caught up in what you do and losing your integrity. I am overwhelmed by
goodness and grace and pray to never lose my integrity. Nor the freedom to praise, to worship.

The promise was..a land flowing with milk and honey.

Yet, soon they were slaves, in the very land that was promised. Being free is giving up all that you are and all that you have,
receiving manna, daily bread and not needing to store, not only because you can't, but because you won't.

Being free to serve. Free to choose. And being a servant is the promotion. No more a slave in Egypt. I am free.

I was going to complain about vellum adhesive...maybe tomorrow.

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