Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thank God for my blog coach!

My blog coach told me today, nicely, I might add, that I had to try to blog at least once a day. I know he's right. By now , I have so much to share , it's all a jumbled mess. I will try. I know he wants me to say "I will". I will. Try.

The weekend craft bazaar went well. We made a lot of contacts and a few people signed up for our intro class. More of a 'sowing' than a 'reaping', but hey, you reap what you sow. Besides, I had so much fun, I didn't realise when it was time to pack up.

The mall gave us an extra table and we used it as a 'workshop', Aster, Lin & me. So fun. Lin did two pages for her own book, Aster & I worked on samples for father's day cards. Which got me thinking of my dad. Whom I miss, and I wonder what he would think of me doing this. But then, my dad, would have been proud of me if I just sat down all day. That got me thinking about Lin's dad,who let's me sit down all day and make scrapbook layouts, in a mall, on a Sunday. Wow, scrapbooking sure puts you in an attitude of gratitude.

So this one's for the guys, the fathers, of course. And the sons who make the guys,well, fathers. And a resounding hurrah for the father, who supports the wife, who sits in the mall all day, making scrapbook layouts...oftentimes, inpired by him.


dragon said...

I'd give my dragoness my full support to do what she loves too.

dragon said...
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dragon said...

I need a blog coach too :(