Friday, September 07, 2007

Low Tech

I've been working on setting up everyone to be linked to our shop website. (I have help!)My blog will be linked last so I tried to update it a few times. Alas! Blogger has changed and I couldn't access...blah blah blah.

Anyway, I got more help and I'm back! I am SO low tech :) Digital scrapbooking looms like a huge mountain I hesitate to climb, but for now, good old fashioned cutting & pasting & writing is keeping me plenty happy. I've been working on a couple of things;

1.A travel photo journal. I went on an extended 'artist date' in May and I'm almost done with the album. I used a 6" x9" ring type album which is great for adding pages, even for future jaunts. I will post the finished work here at some point.

2. A funky vintage birthday card. I thought I was pretty smart doing the hidden journalling thing but was told that everyone would have thought of the same idea. ;)

3.My pet project... we just moved house and I'm documenting the whole process. I've printed over a hundred photos, so between decorating(my first love), sorting the photos and actually scrapbooking, it may take a while to see some evidence of this work in progress but I can't wait to use the latest collection from love, Elsie- Jack &Abby.

I wonder if I can get some time off...

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