Saturday, September 22, 2007

this is scrapbooking

September school for late night scrapbookers has been shut down. At least the hours have been greatly reduced. Well, you see, I've been loving it! And 3am bedtime became 3.30am. Became, well, you can imagine. My brain began to do strange things. I would mean to say one thing and something else would come out. My doctor says I'm walking around but I'm really asleep. So this is sleep deprivation!

It is great to love your work so much that you can't wait to wake up and get to it and wish you didn't have to sleep. But, I've learnt. One does have limits. (I keep hearing my mom's voice saying "Everything in moderation", I hear you Mom)

So I sleep earlier. (Before 3) In the morning I'm at my desk.There is no layout there from last night. Just the paperwork and I begin to feel a litlle sorry for myself, wishing I had more time. I start to take out my scrapbooks. "Here's my hero book", and "oh, I love this one with everyday moments" and then my eyes rest on my December book. I'd challenged myself to do this last year, taking photos and scrapping them all the days of the month. As I turn the pages I begin to cheer up. Remembering. Everything comes alive. One ordinary month made so special because I recorded it. So this is what scrapbooking is about! It isn't about making the best page, with the newest and the most stuff. It is about celebrating your life. And the people you're blessed to have in it. Real life. Real memories. Real moments. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Every time!

I think I'll do it again. Another month in the life. Maybe if I sleep early and wake up really early...


Wati Basri said...

sheila..agree with you! it's not hw nice the layout is,it's hw the layout had meaning to it! btw,i do have a monthly layout album for Adam....and I'm still back dated..oppssy..time to catch up! :)

Sheila said...

Is Adam's book for this month? I like your a-z book, tho. That is a nice idea. I started to do a book of the year but stopped at March :p 1 year was a bit much for me!