Wednesday, December 02, 2009

december days |take 4

Right up until last night, I wasn't sure if I would do another year of December Days.
It takes a lot, especially during an already busy time of year. I was thinking, if I were to do it, what format would I use? Last night I decided to go for it & that I would break the month into 3 parts & use a 6x6 card or paper based album. The past 3 years, I used various sized post & ring bound albums. So I went to bed, having made that decision & no other preparation .

I wasn't feeling so good this morning, so I skipped my prayer group meeting. Nothing major, in fact I've been having many good days lately =) I prayed a bit & was all eager to get started on my project. Then I realized what I wanted for my December. I wanted Him to be the focus of my December days. I'm not a religious person by any definition of the word, but I felt a desire for my family, my friends & for me, that He would reveal Himself in a new & real way & that people would 'consider & understand that the Lord has done this', (Somewhere in Isaiah...) , and that He is Christmas.

So, today turned out to be a pretty ordinary day. Same old Raisin Bran breakfast. Some writing, some picture taking. A whole load of paperwork. Philip put up the tree (we've yet to locate the decorations), went to market, did his usual runaround... Sarah came home, tea, more work, then date night. Followed by scrappping time, of course...

I downloaded photos, worked on my cover...a perfectly ordinary day. For which I am grateful. Grace, mercy... I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Apart from His unfailing love! =) Happy December!

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happy december!=)