Saturday, January 22, 2011

mini mini

Sometimes you can be tired and refreshed at the same time. My weekend was a rush. Mum's birthday party on Saturday. Class with Iris on Sunday. It was a long one and by 5pm I wanted to sleep. It wasn't boring, but I was exhuasted. I stayed, and too tired to shop, went home right after and was in bed at 8. Monday was doctor day and we flew home in the afternoon. Back to work on Tuesday. And on and on...
And yet I must have been inspired. And refreshed. Not my body, for sure, I am aching like crazy, lifting my arm hurts.
So today, I woke up, sketched an idea and went straight to work. A mini mini. Sort of a cross between a mini book and a card. Very simple. No layering, no serious techniques. Just the words.
An easy , no stress gift in just over an hour.

Sometimes you just don't want to glimmer mist & layer & crumple & emboss & all that stuff.

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