Monday, May 02, 2011

Oh May!

How did you sneak up on us? I'm hardly on to my New Year's resolutions and here you are. Come to think of it, I don't remember making any resolutions. 2011 came on quite suddenly too!

But here you are, ready or not, which makes me think, if we don't slow down, the rest of the year will sneak up and disappear too. So maybe, stop. Look around. Look back.
Hmmm, what did the year bring so far? Lots of surprises? Disappointment? Happy things?

Just sit for a while and think of one amazing day in the last 4 months. Stay there. Do you feel a smile? Time flies and yet sometimes things that happened just last month seem like they happened such a long time ago.
I look back and I remember this day. I wasn't sure if I would go at all, quite sure that it would be too sunny. In the end I decided, just go. I have never seen the ocean so blue. The sun was bright but our faces were freezing with the bite of the artic wind. But it was glorious just being there.

I'm thinking it's pretty good being here too. I hope that May brings you great blessings!

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