Friday, May 13, 2011

happy tired

You know how it is when unexpected things happen? And you get so busy trying to put out fires... well, a lot has happened lately, in our world. But sometimes change is good and even though it gets messy and tiring and you walk around without enough sleep or having no time to eat, and you're tired down to your bones and still, even though you think you're sad and there a lot of people around you that are making life complicated, but then you have a moment to think about everything, and you realize all things happen for a reason and this messy change is actually a pretty good thing.

Well, that about sums up today . And I'm looking forward to a very busy and fun weekend, knowing that next week is going to be a real big challenge, but I think it's going to be ok. After the weeding and the pruning, there has got to be a beautiful new garden just waiting to bloom.

Happy weekend people. This card is for all of you who keep me wanting to keep on. =)

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