Thursday, June 02, 2011

june is here

I made 2 layouts, a card and a sample for our monthly accordion kit. Veronica, our part time maid came. She is cheerful and positive. I'm glad. Gets a bit old when people around you are gloomy. Sometimes I feel gloomy too. But, thankfully, that old cloud gets shaken off. I should have finished doing payments instead of making stuff, oh well, they'll get done tomorrow. I have a pile of photos I've been meaning to scrap of last year's trip. I plan to work my way through like a bulldozer.

June is here. Before long, another quarter, then Christmas.

Sarah attended the graduation ceremony at her school tonight. Next year, it will be her that's graduating. Class of 2012. A year from now. I wonder what life holds for me in the next 12 months. No more disappointments I hope. it can only get better, right? Please...

I used some really nice paper from The Girl's Paperie for the layout above. You can't really see much here, I'm saving the rest of the pics for my new blog. It's almost ready. So is the newsletter for the store. Been working hard on it, just a few days more to launch day. Yay! Happy things in sad times are all the more special. Creating stuff helps too. So glad I discovered scrapbooking!

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