Thursday, November 22, 2007

outside| looking in

Martha Beck, a life coach and contributor to Oprah magazine says that we are not equipped for the environment we live in.
I really have been feeling that lately. Too much of everything =overwhelm. How then to find balance?
Take a look from the outside in! Just when you think you haven't got another minute to do another thing...
On impulse, I bought tickets to "Bee Movie". Now I don't watch TV and hardly EVER go to the movies. My schedule was getting ridiculous and I'm going away this weekend, What possessed me?
Turned out to be just the therapy I needed. Just sitting there, mindlessly. No other agenda except to chill! It wasn't a great movie but the rewards surely were.

I guess we need to get out of our routine now and then, even when we think we just can't. Take another route. Road. Door.
When we came home I thought I might go out the other door and look in. This door leads to a commom garden and we hardly ever use it. It had just rained. The air was crisp and cool and there was a gentle wind blowing. I stood for a while looking in, at my home , this place where I live. and then I stood some more. How refreshing. How simple.

I-mei and I will take this a bit further. We are going to spend the weekend being students and shoppers. We can't wait .


Anonymous said...

we miss you already :(

those who stayed back at the farm.

Esther said...

Hope the 2 of you have a great time!