Monday, November 05, 2007

where i work

I'm the ony person I know who has four desks! I have two identical Ikea tables in my home office/ studio, where I spend productive time in the mornings and late at night. There are glimpses of my creative table scattered on my blog. The other one, where paperwork , planning, ordering,etc gets done...I'll show that to you sometime , when it's er, neater.

This is where I work when I'm at , well, work.I have two desks here as well. The desk at the far end is where the serious stuff happens. From here I can see the shop through a window. I gaze longingly in that direction sometimes, wanting to be out there where the people are. Who knew that a scrapbook store would generate so much paperwork . (Those are the files you see to the right of my table) I actually have two jobs, the other related to the car business.

Now the other table is where the fun is. Here I 'receive' shipments, do photography for the website,class schedules, pricing- which means , if I'm in a good mood, products go out to the store cheaper, (just kidding) . Here we brainstorm , share ideas , make decisions.

If you don't see me in the shop, I'm probably at some desk or other. And if I'm not there, I could be out walking. Recharging! =)

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