Monday, October 29, 2007

me today | minibook

I started a minibook in June . It was meant to be be a 'stop and see where I am' kind of idea. It took me a while to pick out the photos and I stuck them all in. I used a KI memories 4 by 4 hearfelt album. Really sweet. I found out that this tiny album packed 20 sheet protectors which meant 40 pages to fill. So much for 'mini' !

Four months have passed and I was determined to get somewhere with this. I 'm full of ideas and love starting things. It would be good to finish some of what I started. It took longer than I would have imagined, even with the very simple theme. real life, was the focus and I only used some ribbon, chipboard alphabets , 3 sheets of patterned paper, 1 sheet of cardstock and journaling tags for the story. Plus the odd flower here and there.

With a break for Sunday dinner, I was done by 2. I am happy with the result. Not so much the 'art' but what the little book represents. My life, today. And a sense of accomplishment at having finished what might have been another abandoned project.


Paula said...

Hello - just dropping by for the first time.
I just love your scrapbooking style.
It's so clean and fresh! I also love your photography! That is a big one for me ;)
I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forwarded to seeing more of your lovely craft.
Take care......

ming said...

finishing is fun:)

Sheila said...

Thanks, Paula. :)

Sheila said...

hey ming, you're right about that! ;)