Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For this I am grateful

After the 'day off', there were piles of work to plough through before I could go on my 4 day mini vacation.
Destination: My home town, Singapore. =) I managed to get most of the stuff on my "must do today list" done and by 1 am I knew
that I had to call it a day.
Our journey started at 6am and we were at Tuas in 6 hours, and in our hotel and having lunch at 1pm! One of my favourite phrases; Enjoy the journey! This pic made me think of that.

When you travel the same road everyday a mini vacation opens your eyes, shifts your view and renews your goals.Tiring as it was, I came away refreshed and as always, learnt something. People whom you've known for sometime can disappoint. People whom you hardly know, go out of their way with their sincerity and their giving spirit. And this : not something new- the guy who drove all the way and back just to sit with me in the waiting room at my doctor's appointment, Sarah- quite happy being two feet away while I work, even on vacation, and the guys back home , who hold everything together while we're gone, these are my real treasures. And for this I am grateful!

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Anonymous said...

are you sure you were on vacation, looks like you were working in the hotel. :P

the return journey took longer cos the car was heavily laden with lots of scrapbook goodies...:]