Saturday, October 06, 2007


I have been living in our new house for almost two months and have never sat in my little balcony.

I haven't been well so I stayed home this morning. I sent everyone out. My soul had a feast just taking in the little details. It started out sunny, but soon rain clouds moved in.I love the rain. I made ginger spice tea, with leaves, in a beautiful white Wedgwood bone china mug. I stared out at the sea, blocking out the construction going on that would soon replace this awesome sight.

Everyone is crazy busy these days. Life coming at you in all directions. Stuff coming into your house faster than you can put it away. Even the things that are supposed to be fun, like updating your digital photos and i pod, making Christmas cards, visiting people you love, become chores when time is limited. Well, time will always be finite. One of my favourite books,
"Time Management from the inside out" by Julie Morgenstern, suggests that organizing your time is like organizing your closet. You can only put so many things in. Again, we're down to the choices we make.

May I suggest that you don't wait until you're not feeling well to celebrate the details.To do some of the simple things that you've been meaning to do. To walk around your home, linger in your kid's room, take in the smells and be grateful for all the tiny things that make up your beautiful life. Then maybe make a page about the details.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Wati Basri said...

it is always nice to have a time to yourself once in a while! :)

Sheila said...

it sure is. hope you're getting some quality "me" time, too!

nad said...

nice house....look cosy...

Sheila said...

Thanks! =)