Friday, February 22, 2008

i think i can!

I feel like an Israelite, following the cloud, stopping and starting only by instruction. The New Year rings in and we have plans. To simplify. We have plans. To grow. And yet, we aren't really in control. As we are led, we move. Amazing!

I made a decision before CNY to do something. Something that would involve 'stretching', 'enlarging'. A project , if you will. Since that decision I have seen mountains placed in front of me. One, what my physician calls a 'query flare' , got me covered in a mad rash for a week. More drugs, some time on my knees, and the mountain and my doubts, cleared. Yesterday I practically went weak with exhaustion and pain, while having reflexology at home, til my reflexologist insisted I go straight to bed, midway! I felt like my body was there, but I had left the building. For the first time this year, I slept at 11.30, thinking to myself, can I really do this on my own?
I was up and at my desk at 7.30 this morning. As I got out of bed, my eye caught sight of little Thomas, the tank engine, sitting on my night stand. A gift I cherish. I felt that, hey, I can do this!

A month from now I hope to see the results of this project. I expect that my life will change, again. I will see a dream take shape. I expect to be stretched & enlarged . (Sounds painful) I've got my hiking shoes on and mountain climbing gear but I expect I'll spend more time on my knees than on my feet . I think I can do this.

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Wati Basri said...

toast to whatever you will be doin! CHEERS!!