Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dad & the phantom

Not a real phantom but a Rolls Royce. Philip brought one in for sale and Dad got his lifelong dream of sitting in one. He kept asking for the photos and I had purposed to make a layout for him but I had a problem. Dad was wearing green, Mum was wearing purple and the Phantom, was wine red. Yikes!
With Dad not feeling well lately I thought I'd just do it. So I converted the pictures to 'Antique' and worked with a subtler green & purple. We put it in an Ikea frame and Dad & Mum were pleased. Enough to put it up with all their other photos in the dining room.



Sharon Corn said...

That is very sweet of you Sheila. Its a beautiful LO. Anything that comes from the heart is beautiful.

teacher jessy said...

Aww... this is so precious!! Love that u took time to make them a gift :)