Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sarah thinks it's really hard to buy gifts for guys. The things they like are way out of her league & budget. Things like cameras & i pads. Cars. "Girls are easy, you can buy them earrings!" she moaned. In the end, she made her Papa a coupon for another granite slab for his garden. He will, of course have to take her to purchase and transport the slab home.I finished the mini, minibook I started in Mr Papa's honour. I wonder if he even likes it with pages of glimmer misted, citrusy colour. But I poured myself into it, with the little snatches of time I had. Usually late at night. So much is going on in our lives right now. Exciting ,challenging, exhilirating. Things that keep all your brain cells working . Sleep is easy these days, when there is time. (grin)

In all this busyness. In the looking forward, making this little book reminded me of the constant that is family. That the main driving force, the intangible power that keeps us going, is love.
In the days ahead, I will get busier and more immersed in the' building' of the new store and all it entails. I hope that my people will know, if I do forget to tell them, that their love carries me.
That all the little gestures & sacrifices, coming home to help, coming home to celebrate, being there always. In spirit, in words in encouragement. All these I want them to know, inspire me, define me, lift me up. Their love allows me to be the hero in my own story.
Heroes make heroes.

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teacher jessy said...

I am sure Philip will love it! You made that with all your heart and that is what I call... "thoughtful love"!!