Friday, October 15, 2010


For the first time in weeks, I could not sleep til 3am. I did not purpose to stay awake. But my thoughts did. More like doubts and a tiny creeping in of fear, not to mention the 'what ifs?"
Sleep must have come eventually. I sank back into the pillows after Sarah kissed me goodbye on her way to school, for a bit and then the fighter in me resurfaced and I was at the table, eating my cereal and 2 scenarios played in my head.

1 : Peter, sitting in a boat, sees a shadowy figure. Slightly, ok seriously, taken aback, asks, "Master, if it's You , ask me to come". Jesus, walking on water, most lovingly and gently answers, "Come". So Peter steps out of the boat and begins to walk. On water.
presently, the winds howl and the waves start to tumble and Peter realizing the reality (his own reality, not His master's) begins to sink. Jesus stretches out His hand and pulls Him out, with the most loving & gentle rebuke. "Why did you doubt?"
*sheepish smile*
(unauthorised translation, from poor memory)

2: Bits & pieces of 'Life of Pi' and the movie with Tom Hanks , stranded on a desert island. (can't remember the title) Main theme or key word 'ALONE' Underlying theme: Overcome.

I should be on the way out of the house, I'm going right now but I had to release some of the thoughts in my head. (picture a balloon pumped to full) So there, writing is good for the soul. Fears and doubts suitably tucked away. Spirits back up.
The joy of the Lord will surely be my strength.

And yours.

Oh yeah!

(illustration of store front by Ming. artist, son & encourager)

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