Saturday, October 09, 2010

maybe a sunset

I attended a Steven Covey seminar , ten or 12 years ago, it was called 'What matters most?'
I'm not sure why I suddenly remembered that. Maybe I was thinking about Philip & I-Ming, on a road trip, all the way on the East Coast, driving on the coastal road, father & son on a grand adventure with no plans, no hotel reservations. They might have been driving through a sunset, awed by the vastness of the South China Sea or thinking about where they might stop for dinner , or rest for the night.
In the seminar, they showed a video about time. What could you do in a year, a month, a week, a day, an hour, a minute ...a second? In the time we have , we make choices about the things we will do. Sometimes we have grand plans but busyness prevents those plans from ever materializing .The work we do , that was meant to help us live the life we want, takes over until our days become like overstuffed closets , threatening to take over all our space physical , spiritual , intangible.
Surely God intended for us to work. Each of us doing our thing, working at home or at an office, on a field or on a boat. Surely He intended for us to work hard, doing our best, being our best. And yet He rested. And surely He intended that we should too. Rest. Refresh. Recreate. Regroup.
It's been a pretty hard week. I've done so many different things. Some lugging around . Some stock taking. Site checks. Some packing. A whole lot of inventory. More than a little panicking.Early mornings. Trying to fit in some exercise.4 o clock Mummy time. Running back to the store. Late evenings. Remembering that I'm a mum & a wife.
Remembering what matters most. And what it's all about. And then it's the weekend.

Day is done. And the sun glides below the horizon. Here. And there, too. And then rest.
What matters most? In a year, a month, a week, a day...

Always the same things. Work. And rest. Family. People. Home. Giving thanks.
Then a new week. Putting the big rocks in a jar & then pouring in the sand to fit into whatever space is left. The big rocks being what mattes most.

I think I'll give my Mum a call now. Have a meaningful weekend!

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