Monday, February 14, 2011

l o v e

I'm not so sure about St Valentine but since this is a day when everyone celebrates love , I decided to make some cards. I'm not a natural card maker, so it took a ridiculous amount of time to make these. The 'you are loved' cards are for my girls, red for the practical one & vintage for the romantic one. I do now realize that I don't have the address to send the card to, so Mei Mei , you'll have to wait til you come home, or you could give me your address *wink*

I wish I could spend all my time creating, Sarah & Philip were away that day and I may have stayed in my studio all day if it weren't for them coming home in the evening. I imagine that's how an artist or musician must feel. So immersed in their craft that the world outside fades away. What a gift!

Well anyway, to all who love and are loved, (that means you) happy happy Valentine's day! And to those who are waiting for their prince to show up, believe it, he will!

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