Friday, February 25, 2011

of pink & yellow

Maybe I'm going a little crazy with this sweet , unlikely combo... pink & yellow. Who would have thought, especially me. But I love the unlikeliness of the mix, inspired by Pink Paislee's 'sweetness' collection. I scoured the shop and found some other pinks & yellows, and tucked away in my studio, an hour here, 10 minutes there, started some projects.
This layout of my mum's 80th features yellow & cream dots from Cosmo Cricket & pink , slightly oriental geometric floral print from October Afternoon. The doily is misted with glimmer mist and I love the sheen.I tried not to distress at all, but could not leave flowers out .
It's been an unlikely combo of events and emotions this week, pink & yellow,
except maybe a little muted. I finished this layout early today, and as I was working with this happy occasion , I couldn't help but feel sad. My cousin Swithin passed away suddenly. We lived next door from each other when Ming & Mei were growing up, his son Justin would come over and play football with my guys. he made huge tracks in his career, first with the press (serious writing genius) and then in the music & PR field. He headed the act to help local musicians get paid royalties and many other achievements, mostly with the aim to help. Good fella.
My son turned 30. That makes me old. *half sad smile* But more than that, I celebrated the day giving thanks for the things I learned from him. And I needed to dig into the bag when i had some disappointing news. I remember asking him,' Do you get mad at people? When they break their promises, mistreat you, betray you or just any reason?' He thought about it and said that even if they were wrong , he understood where they were and why they did that. Ming, I'm not there yet, but I'm trying.
So Pink & yellow, unlikely & yet looking ok. In fact , pretty good. Scrapbooking makes you appreciate your life. Makes you smile. Makes you happy. even when you're sad. looking at all the bits of your life that are worth remembering. The hard things that continue to mold & shape you. The choices you make, because it's the right thing. Choosing how you're going to feel.
Mama turned 80. So graceful. In her polka dotted dress. Living the last 18 years without Daddy. Surviving the ravages of cancer.Taking care of Misha & Dante. Never quitting. Never even thinking of it. (shame on me for even thinking it)
I sometimes say to Philip that we're an unlikely couple. Different in huge ways. Pink & yellow.
And yet, fitting. Really, really. So the show goes on. Hopefully & thankfully, for the ones of us that remain. Bumps, potholes and clear water. I read a book once, being sick is not your whole life, it said. True. Mama thinks so. I do too, now. And onward, then. Detour here. Rest stop there. Embracing all the colours.

My littlest baby turns 18 this Sunday.

Short sentence, big meaning. Much emotion.

All said & done, I am grateful for my life.
Have a colourful weekend.

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