Monday, December 03, 2007

dec 1

The thing about committing to scrapbooking a month is this; your life comes under scrutiny. Everything becomes sharper, clearer. I walk around with my journal and my camera, not wanting to miss anything. Everyday life becomes intesified. Things you might have taken for granted are looked at with new eyes. It seems like everything slows down, not in reality, but things are perceived that way. Because you are living in the moment, paying attention.
I started working on my book at 2am, Dec 1st. I had meant to get a head start, preparing ahead. Ha ha! In a perfect world!
Well at least I started. I prepared the first page and the whole day, paid close attention. To what Sarah said when she got home from guitar lesson. To how it felt to walk down the stairs from the store, all set for the bazaar. My friend Caroline sent me an e mail that ended, "Don't wait for the storm to be over, learn to dance in the rain."

Committing to an artistic or creative pursuit for 31 consecutive days takes discipline. (Which I lack, but will wear for a month)
It will change you. Refresh you. Teach you. The result will be so much more than a beautiful memory book. But don't take my word for it. =)


pl said...

thank you for doing this again, it's so fun to look at (and to remember the whole month) the one you did last year. yiu can do it!


Wati Basri said...

wow Sheila..this is such an awesome idea to scrap abt daily happenings in Dec! Precious....
should i do it? or is it too late to start??? heheheheh