Saturday, December 15, 2007

dec 15

10 days to Christmas. Only started listening to Christmas music today. Put Josh Groban's 'Noel' on during class this morning and came across a duet with Brian Mc Knight. So cool. Our favourite! Bought the CD last year and don't even remember having a good listen. This will probably be the song we remember 'the year we celebated Christmas in our new home'. I can hear it now, "this song reminds me of ..." Does music make you remember special times, events in your life? Maybe an idea for another scrapbook.

While we're on "celebrate" mode, let's lift our glasses to the one who always goes out in the rain to fetch the umbrella and who usually takes the photos (which is why he's seldom in any), oh, & Esther, go ahead and raise your glass to the one who helped to sell the kits at the store today ;) Cheers!

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