Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the rhythm of the ordinary

You know how when you have something exciting to look forward to and then when it's over ...
For me it was the Bazaar and the whole idea of doing the December book, then the Bazaar passed and I started with the book, Monday rolls in, in it's ordinary fashion, with the laundry and the weekly planning, bills to pay, lists, you know, just another lacklustre Monday. And yet, isn't this the stuff that life is made of?
Surely we need the plain old days, the downtime, the ordinary walk in the gardens, the wholemeal toast and jam days.

The rhythm of the ordinary brings comfort, as you fluff the cushions, you appreciate the ones that sat in the chair,when you take down the laundry , you notice that the flowers are blooming, just an ordinary Monday and someting to scrap about.

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