Friday, December 07, 2007

dec 6-organized

I wasn't sure if I was going to have the time to clear my desk and I am happy that I did. I used this desk organizer from Making Memories, which my very supportive husband bought me .=)
Doing this daily book is great and yet there is the risk of scrapbooking your life and then not living it.
I am sure many of you scrapbookers wrestle with this sometimes. God bless the genius who started this meaningful art.
(The investors must be praising God , too, I heard Martha Stewart bought a stake in EK Success!) But, oh oh, does there have to be a but? I'm afraid so. Just as your mum told you, "Too much of a good thing, bla bla bla..." , you know where I'm getting at?
Just like a photographer who lives behind her camera, seeing through her Carl Zeiss lens, sometimes misses the big picture, so too, a scrapbooker, could just get caught up in the whole "I have to scrap this right now, all kids to bed " habit. (I hear the manufacturers praising God again, what am I saying? I own a scrapbook store!)
Seriously, even though it says so on my t-shirt, "Life isn't really one big scrapbooking moment". Life is life, so go ahead and scrapbook it, but too much of a good thing, bla bla... you get the picture.

So, what have I learned from my own diatribe? Well, I finished my page early and I'm posting early, (only 2am) and I'll sleep early, ok , earlier and I will make the effort not to love my chipboard more than the subject on my pages. In fact, I'll start right now.
Or tomorrow!

p.s. I really love chipboard!


Pandachu said...

Hiya, my name's Jessie and I've blog hopped over here. I like ur daily album effort and cant wait to see the finished result. I recently got myself an MM desk organiser too but have yet to unpack it :(

Sheila said...

Thanks for dropping by, Jessie. I hope you will try a daily album sometime. I will definitely love to see it. Have fun with the organiser.