Thursday, December 20, 2007

dec 19-long story

Today started badly, at least in my head. I was sure I wouldn't be able to get all my work done, make it to my hair appointment at 5.30 and have dinner with Shirin at 6.30.( Breathe!)

As it turned out, I did manage to get my work done, pushed my appointment to 6.30 , met Shirin at 8.30. Worked on my pages, packed and now I am ready for my mini break/ artist date/ xmas shopping/ birthday getaway. Should be interesting! I'm not sure I have enough space in my book.

The time sitting at the salon would explain the long story. Grateful for the time to write. Dream. Catch up with my thoughts.
I am still deciding whether to leave my page with just the words or to continue with pictures.


drey said...

hello! enjoy reading your blog :)

maybe you should leave it as it is considering you've got lotsa photos in the earlier pages.

*just a thought*


Anonymous said...

hi there! found your link from cziplee's blog. finally managed to find a kindred spirit where scrapbooking is concerned. i am a 3.5 months scrapper and am still boiling with enthusiasm for everything scrap. you mentioned somewhere in your blog that you have a scrap store? do you work in cziplee or is there a scrap shop that has passed me by? would like to visit if it is.

Wati Basri said...

sheila...sometimes its always nice to just flow with our thoughts :)

Sheila said...

drey, wati, there's something about the way you think I really like ;)

Sheila said...

hello new friend, I am excited for you! I am still as passionate about scrapbooking as the day I discovered it. =) our store, smidapaper is in Penang. out of town guests are warmly welcomed.