Tuesday, December 11, 2007

dec 10

The music room turned study is looking cozier. I actually tried it out and it feels good. Now I'm dreaming of a nice chair to match the elm chinese desk. These desks are made a little higher as they have a carved footrest below, apparently it's very cold in China. Anyway my chair is Burmese teak, nice but a little low. As always, I had company in the sofa in front of me. No complaints.

I had a tough time deciding which photos would go in my book. In the end, I worked with two.
Sarah , looking like a princess after her shower , hanging around in my room,

and the dailyl "walk the dog" ritual, I usually don't go but this evening, after the rain, I did, the two young ones, our old Ridgeback Eva and our cat Aragorn, whom I suspect, thinks he's a dog. I have never seen a cat walk with dogs before, following them all the way and back, close to heel. So funny!

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