Sunday, December 09, 2007

dec 8- change

Here I go again, starting on a new project which will take some time and lots of effort. This time I've got the bright idea to move my study/ studio downstairs. Why? One reason. Stairs! I love not having a maid but now I have to be in the kitchen more and open the door when people come by, if I had a workspace downstairs, that would be a great solution wouldn't it? Except, my present room is 300sq feet! The music room is 64sq feet and the meal area which will be my scrap area is 84 sq ft.
I may turn the old study into a guest room/ yoga retreat , think the guests would mind if I left half my stuff up here? Or maybe a garage sale? One day at a time, that way I won't get overwhelmed and abandon the whole project. Here we go...

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