Saturday, December 08, 2007

dec 7-be still

It doesn't take me very long to do a page for this album . For me this isn't about working a 3 hour, embellished masterpiece.
My goal is the journey. What takes a long time is the search for what, to me, was the most significant theme of the day. With a hundred things going on each day, when I sit down at my desk, I have to write it all down. Writing slows you down. You cannot write fast enough for your head to get in a whirl.

So , today, I didn't record the Women's Biz Sense Luncheon. Nor the supper we queued up for. The walk from the beach in the drizzle was not the highlight. Instead these words ,"Be still and know that I am God" stuck. Resonated. This word, to me, is life.If you are a mom today, you will know the pain of raising a child in a world that is losing sight of values. Even if you have a good kid, the breakdown in ethics and morals, that threaten to seep into your child's pores, leaves you wondering if love is enough. You may get on your knees to plead your case. Today I was reminded that I am not in control. The battle is not mine. I need to just be. Still. And know.

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